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Storia Theurgica
The Hippie trail


- _1. The escape
- _2. Gate to Asia
- _3. Persia
- _4. Afghanistan
- _5. Pakistan
- _6. India
- _7. Nepal
- _8. Back to Europe
1. The escape


Shortly before my escape - 1976
  Chris De Bié


Music by Adrian Ouarar

"Hello Chris! Chriiis … hello ! Come upstairs please."
"Hi Ferdi, what’s happening?"
"Do you realize that you are the most wanted man in Cologne at the moment?"
He dug through the chaos of his filing cabinet, looking for Basti’s case. Basti, was in detention whilst awaiting his trial.
"Do you know him?"
"Nooooooo! That’s not possible.. He didn’t only.. oh shit!"
"Chris, get going. This could cost me my license as lawyer but I am telling you to get out of Germany. You are on the wanted list!"
Tearfully we embraced.

"So long Ferdi! This I shall never forget."
"So long Chris. May God bless you!"

Fortunately I had asked Ferdi to defend Basti. If not I would have never read Joe’s statement, the statement which heavily incriminated both Basti and I. Now the cops were even more aware of the full extent of our story. Ferdinand was a dope smoking, gay alcoholic and his whole fortune was spent on toy-boys. But he was a damned good lawyer and even more so, a damned good friend. And with his help I had the chance to evade German justice – at least for the moment. A minimum of 5 years imprisonment ...or?


Graphic image by Chris De Bié

After a night of boozing I sat by the shore of the river Rhine and smoked a joint – maybe my last one. I looked at the cathedral – maybe for the last time. Strange and frightening creatures seemed to haunt the place – heralding my future?
My beloved Cologne, will I ever see you again?
  Adrian Ouarar


Screen print by Chris De Bié

What a sunrise! It's not often that such a sunrise is seen in Cologne. Slowly my nightly fears evaporated and a slight feeling of hope set in. On my way home I met a few friends who invited me for coffee. Our good-byes had a sad quality about them; as if I was never going to see them again.

After Joe robbed me I had to quit my flat and was temporarily living in Peter’s house. He was still sleeping as I listened to Robert Wyatt’s “Rock Bottom” – my favourite music for months. The music sounded even sadder than usual. Wyatt’s “Moon in June” on Softmachine 3rd was next. This music would stay with me in my head thoughout my whole journey. Later on, while in India I sung:
"Living is lovely here in Hindustan .. stan … stan .. but I wish I were home again … back home again … Oh I miss the rain … tikkitakkitikki …. And I wish I were home again … home again … again."

I called Jörg. With him I had wanted to take a long planned overland journey to Nepal; with lots of money in my pocket and many dreams. Somewhere in the country I figured that I would buy land, build a house and create my own paradise. But now I had to make this journey with a lot less money in my pocket and not quite so voluntary. Fortunately though, I had a brand new passport that was valid for 5 years.

“Hi Jörg, we have to get together immediately!”
“Hi Chris. What? At this time?”
“Yes. It's very important. And I’d prefer not to talk about it on the phone.”
“OK Chris, see you”.
I called four other friends and invited them for breakfast, without any further explanations. Peter awoke.
“Good morning. You are up early!”
“I haven’t slept; I have been on the go all night long. I have invited some friends for breakfast.”
“Why, is something special going on?”
“Yeah, you’ll see.”
When everybody was there I revealed the truth.
“Thank you all for coming. I met with Ferdi, Basti’s lawyer yesterday. Joe was arrested. Apart from stealing everything from me, he's also blown the whistle on me too! You're probably all lucky. I would never betray you. But, stop with all your dealings immediately! We've earned a lot of money together, but I have nothing left though, and now I need your help!
Jörg, you still want to come with me?”
“Sure Chris, when do you want to leave?”
“Tomorrow would be best. Let’s meet here tomorrow one more time. I wonder how much money we can gather. My records and books you can sell on the flea-market, then you can send me the money.”
“Bye Chris, see you tomorrow.”

I wandered through Cologne one more time saying farewell to my beloved city. I would have loved to say goodbye to my mother and to some more friends, but I didn’t want to endanger them – nor myself.

24 Hours later we were on a train to Salzburg, heading for an uncertain future, but with 3000 German Mark in my pocket. My friends didn’t disappoint me.
“Jörg, I'll get off in Munich. It’s too risky for me to cross the border in a train. I'll find another way to get into Austria. Please give me one week. And check the railway station daily at midday. If I am not there by then …. “
“Oh Chris, I'll be waiting for you, also longer if necessary.”
“No Jörg, if I am not there by then, you go ahead on your own!”
“I shall pray for you.”
“Thanks, I’ll see you in Salzburg. So long!”

I walked through Munich all day long. Then a sign in a travel agency caught my attention and attracted me magically.



Digital image by Chris De Bié

That’s it! A day trip to Austria. I then changed my looks, cut my hair short. In a second-hand shop which was frequented by American tourists I purchased an American College jacket and a pair of Levis jeans. I bought a ticket for next morning and spent half of the night in cinemas. Due to the registration obligation I didn't dare to take a hotel room. As I expected, most of my co-travellers were Americans. I took a seat at the back on the right side and tried to calm myself by meditating all the while.

We reached the German-Austrian border. In front, to the left of the bus a customs officer took a quick look inside.
"I hope you've all got your papers with you, and I wish you a pleasant trip."
"Oh my God!" I thought "I made it! I was neither a killer, a conchy nor some dangerous criminal, and thus not wanted by Interpol. Now I am free – at least for the time being."
My happiness and the relief were showing on my face and I got a few strange looks from my neighbours.

At the Salzburg station Jörg was coming towards me.
"Wow Chris, how did you manage to come here so fast?"
"I shall tell you all about it on our train journey to Istanbul."


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